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Joint Program Guest Students: On- and Off-Boarding Process

The sponsoring College/Department submits a request for Guest Student access to the University Registrar by completing a guest student form. The form can be found here:

Click on the [ Joint Program Request ] tile, in the page ribbon, to open the form.

The web form should be submitted with the all of the following information for the Guests student.
Forms submitted with incomplete information will not be processed.

  1. Full Name
  2. Home Address
  3. Home Phone Number
  4. Birth Date ( month and day only)the year will be 1900 for all guest students
  5. Home Institution Email Address
  6. Joint Program Name
  7. Program Department Sponsor
  8. Program Department Sponsor extension
  9. Program Department Sponsor UANet ID
  10. Beginning and End Date for program
  11. Course(s) and session(s)
  12. Requested Access to Systems and Services, as applicable
    1. My Akron
    2. Springboard
    3. Pay-For-Print
    4. Library Services
    5. Recreation Center
    6. RooTracker (provides eligibility for campus activities, including athletic events)
    7. ZipCard

Empl ID Number:
The University Registrar creates a “person” record and Empl ID number within PeopleSoft for each guest student and assigns a service indicator that identifies each as a guest student of a particular joint program. The service indicator also specifies a beginning and ending term for which the guest student remains eligible for the select University system access and services.

The University Registrar updates the Footprint request with the person record. The request is then assigned to the PeopleSoft team and the UANet team.

At this point a script runs each night that checks for the newly created record and creates a UANet ID for the guest student 1 week before the student's term begins. The UANet ID mail is pointed to the email address that was provided for the respective guest student by the sponsoring department. The sponsor is included on the FootPrints request and receives email updates on the progress of the request.

Once the ID is created the IT Support Desk Manager updates the FootPrints requests with the newly created UANet ID's and assigns the issue to the Springboard team. The Springboard Team then places the student in the respective course(s) and session(s) for the start of the semester.

The programs that create the interface files for select systems will automatically include students with the guest student service indicator(s) in the interfaces, thus making the guest students eligible for the following services:

  1. Pay-For-Print
  2. Library Services
  3. Recreation Center
  4. RooTracker
  5. ZipCard

The sponsoring College/Department is notified by email via Footprints that access has been created. Guest students are notified by email via Footprints that they should contact the Support Desk for the UANet ID password at which time they will be required to verify their birth date (month and day only), phone number, and address. In certain circumstances, the guest student may be required to verify further information which would include their middle initial, Empl ID number.

The sponsoring College/Department instructs the guest student to obtain a ZipCard. This is important since a ZipCard is needed to access the following services:

  1. Pay-For-Print
  2. Roo Express
  3. University Library resources

The sponsoring College/Department contacts Locking Systems to request needed card swipe access for the guest student (e.g., access to departmental lab(s), certain buildings, or college/departmental secured areas, etc.).

The sponsoring College/Department shall immediately notify the University Registrar (and Locking Systems) whenever a guest student’s end date ceases earlier than originally anticipated.

In turn:

  1. The University Registrar will adjust the service indicator ending term so the guest student is no longer eligible for select University system access and services;
  2. IT scripts which run daily will deactivate the UANet ID (thus preventing access to My Akron and Springboard) based on the updated end date listed within the PeopleSoft “person” record, and
  3. Locking Systems will immediately terminate the guest student’s card swipe access (if applicable).