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Open the ProSet Utility, find the Profiles button in the bottom right, and click it.

2. Click the Add button. Input rootown for both the profile name and the SSID. Click the Security Settings link in the upper left.
3. Select Enterprise Security at the top and fill the rest as follows:

Network Authentication: WPA2 Enterprise
Data Encryption: AES-CCMP
Authentication Type: PEAP
Authentication Protocol: MSCHAPv2
Username: Your UAnetID
Password: Your UAnetID Password
Domain: Leave Blank
Roaming Identity: Leave As Is

Click Next

4. Click the Cisco Options Button. Check Enable Fast Reconnect. Click Ok.
5. Click the Next Button. Uncheck the box that says Validate Server Certificate.
6. Click Ok. Click Close. Right Click rootown and click Connect. It should do this automatically in the future.