Installing Network Printer

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Note: The following guide is for adding network printers to University computers only

For Mac users who need to configure a network printer on Snow Leopard (10.6), consult the Network Printer - Mac Setup page.  

For Windows users, use the following instructions.

  1. Click on “Start” button
  2. Select “Printers and Faxes”
  3. Double Click on “Add Printer”
  4. Click on “Next”
  5. Select “A Network printer, or a printer attached to another computer”
  6. Click on “Next”
  7. Click on “Next”
  8. NetworkPrinter.JPG
  9. In the “Location:” field type in the UA abbreviation for the building in which you wish to search for a printer. For example, type BH for Buchtel Hall, LINC for the Lincoln Building, COMP for the Computer Center, etc.
  10. Click on the “Find Now” button.
  11. Double-click on the name of the printer you wish to use. The printer will then be automatically installed with the correct drivers.
  12. Select if you want the printer to be your default printer.
  13. Click on “Next”
  14. Click on “Finish”

Although this guide is demonstrated using Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Windows Vista users should find the process very similar