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Easily download software for home use provided by the University.

The purpose of this article is to cover the beginning of the installation of the Managed Content section.

Installation Process

  1. To begin the process click on the link at the bottom of the column, Go to Managed Software
  2. Select the software product that you wish to download
  3. Click the option for Add to Cart
  4. Click on Check Out
  5. At the bottom of the order, update the Order Information if necessary and click Proceed With Order
  6. On the receipt click the Start Download
  7. Click on Download SDM
    If you've already downloaded the Secure Download Manager (SDM) file you can skip to downloading the .SDX file
  8. Once the SDM download completes click on Download .SDX
  9. Scroll down and click Start Download next to the name of the Software product
  10. Once the download is done click Launch to begin installing the software.