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Google Apps: Sheets

Notice.png When referencing these documents please refer to the sections for Google Apps Users
At all times, when using Google Apps, the Account name is in the form of

Google Slides is available to all students through the Google Apps System.

Simply log in to your University of Akron email and click Docs in the top right corner.

Google Sheets Support

Google Sheets Help Page

Getting Started

How to use Google Sheets
Switching to Sheets from Microsoft Excel
Import data sets & spreadsheets
Use comments & action items

Edit & Format a Spreedsheet

Edit & Format a Spreedsheet
Add or move columns & cells
Add an image to a spreadsheet

Use Functions & Formulas

Google Sheets function list
Add formulas & functions
See the sum & average

Work with data

Create & use pivot tables
Import data sets & spreadsheets

Sort, Filter, or Format Data

Sort & filter your data
Create an in-cell dropdown list
Add & use checkboxes

Create & Edit Charts

Add & edit a chart or graph
Types of charts & graphs
Add & edit a trendline
Save or publish your chart

Print or Publish a Spreadsheet

Print from Google Sheets
Print or change page setup