Google E-Mail Common Navigation

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Of the many features of the Google Apps Student E-Mail system some of the common navigation links are defined below.

(1)Mail Calendar Document

These are the links between the different Google Apps that are available to the user via the web client.

(2)Webmail Home

This link will return you to the main mail page of the mail box.

(3)Compose Mail

This link will open the mail editor where you can compose a new e-mail message.

(4)Contacts and Tasks

The contacts link will take you to your address book. The tasks links will display any active tasks that you have set for yourself.

(5)Archive, Report Spam, Delete

This menu will allow you to manipulate your mail messages

  1. Archive will store your email messages
  2. Report Spam will move the select message to the block list of your email account.
    Information about setting up you SPAM filter can be found Here
  3. Delete will move the selected messages to the Deleted Items folder
    The link to the Deleted Items can be found in the left tool pane


The settings link will take you to the settings for your account. Options here include changing the password to your UAnet id, to setting up Mail Forwarding

(7)Sign Out

This link will sign you out of the Google Apps web-mail Client