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If you are trying to locate a saved file you can use the following steps to locate a recently saved file.

Windows XP and 2000

  1. Click Start, and then click Search.
  2. In the lower-left corner of the Windows Desktop Search pane, click Click here to use Search Companion, if that option is listed.
  3. In the Search Companion pane, click All Files and Folders.
  4. In the All or part of the file name box, type the name of the document that you want to find.
  5. In the Look in box, click My Computer, and then click Search.

If the search details pane does not contain the document that you are looking for, you might have typed the file name incorrectly or the document might have a different name. Follow these steps to search for all Word or Excel documents:

    1. In the Search Companion pane, click Start a new search.
    2. Click All files and folders, and then copy and paste (or type) the following text into the All or part of the file name: box, and then click Search. *.doc or *.xls (not both)

Windows Vista and Windows 7

Searching for files is very easy in Windows Vista and Windows 7. Simply:

  1. Click on the start button
  2. In the search box (below all programs) type in either *.doc (for word documents) or *.xls (for Excel) You can also type in a portion of the name of the file, and Windows will search for the file.