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Frequently Asked Questions

General Project Management FAQs

Where can I find the Project Management Framework Methodology document?

The Project Management Framework Methodology can be found by clicking here

How do I get access to Project Server?

To gain access to Project Server you must be added as an Enterprise Resource to the project you are working on by the Project Manager OR given direct access by the PMO.

How do I contact the PMO?

To contact the PMO click here.

Project Professional 2010 FAQs

Unable to find what you are looking for here? Check the Project Professional 2010 Self Help Page.

How do I add a resource to a task?

1. Highlight your project in the project list on Project Server.
2. Click ‘Open’ on the ribbon and select ‘In Project Professional for Editing’. This will open Project Professional 2010.
3. Select ‘Resource’ from the ribbon and then select ‘Add Resources’. From the drop down menu select ‘Build Team from Enterprise’.
4. Under the ‘Build Team’ heading, scroll until you find the name of the resources you need to add to your team.
5. Once located click on the resource and then click the ‘Add’ button. This will add the resource to the list on sceen right.
HINT: You can hold down the ‘CTRL’ key to select more than one resource at a time.
6. In your Project Schedule under the ‘Resource Name’ column, click on the drop down arrow for the list of assigned resources to your project.
7. Select the resource by checking the name you want to assign to the task.

For these instructions with screen shots click here.

How do I check-in a project?

To check in a project follow these steps: 1. Click File in the ribbon.
2. Click Save.
3. Click File --> Publish.
4. Click File --> Close.
5. You will be presented with a pop-up window stating the project is checked out to you, would you like to check it in? Click Yes to check-in the project.
6. The project will then close and it will be checked-in to Project Server.

Project Server 2010 FAQs

Can't find what you are looking for here? Check the Project Server 2010 Self Help Page.

What browsers are supported by Project Server 2010?

Currently Project Server 2010 can only be accessed using a Windows-based computer using Internet Explorer 7 or newer.
Click here to find out what browser and version you are using.

I cannot log in to Project Server.

If these instructions do not work and you still cannot log in send an e-mail to the PMO at pmo@uakron.edu. Please include a screenshot of what you are being presented with after your log in attempt if possible.
Follow these steps to log into Project Server:
1.) Open Internet Explorer and type in https://project.uakron.edu/pwa
2.) When prompted with the log in box type in the following:

Username: uanet\UANetID
Password: Your UANet password

If you are using Internet Explorer Version 7, please follow the instructions found here.

I cannot login to the Project Site.

Verify that you are following the same directions in the section labeled "I cannot log into Project Server 2010".
If these directions do not help contact the PMO at pmo@uakron.edu. Please include a screenshot in your e-mail of what error you see.

How do I open a PDF file from a Project Site?

Project Server will not let you open PDF files for viewing inside of your browser.
To open a PDF file:

1.) Click on the file you wish to open.
2.) You will be prompted to save the file or cancel the download.
3.) Click on 'Save' to save a local copy of the PDF to your computer.
4.) Navigate to the location on your computer where you saved the local copy.
5.) Open the PDF.

How do I publish a new schedule after one has already been created on Project Server?

To publish a new schedule after one has been created on Project Server follow these steps:

1.) Open the new schedule you have created on your computer.
2.) Highlight the entire schedule.
3.) After the schedule is highlighted right-click and select 'Copy'.
4.) On the project you want to update the schedule, open the current schedule on Project Server for editing in Project Professional.
5.) Highlight the tasks of this old schedule.
6.) Right-click and select 'Paste' to paste the tasks from your new schedule you created locally to the schedule on Project Server.

I am a Project Manager and need to edit my project. However a Team Member did not check the project back in. Can I force check-in the project to be worked on?

No. Currently Project Managers do not have the permissions to force check-in a project. To have a project checked in contact the Team Member who has the project checked-out or contact the PMO.

Why does trying to print my project schedule in Project Server 2010 cause Internet Explorer to freeze and not print?

Currently trying to print your project schedule inside of Project Server will cause your Internet Explorer session to crash. While we are looking into what causes this issue, we recommend that you open your schedule in Project Professional 2010 and print from there.