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Avaya Message Manager is a tool that can be utilized to check your UA voice mail (audix) through your computer.

More information can be found at the Telecomm webpage: http://www.uakron.edu/telecomm/message-manager.dot.

The Audix Server ID is :

Obtaining Message Manager

To obtain a copy of the Message Manager program a web-rec should be submitted to the Telecom department. There is no cost for the program, but there is settings that may need to be made on Telecom's equipment to allow the program to connect.

Saving a Voicemail as .wav

  1. Highlight the voicemail that you wish to save.
  2. Click/Select File
  3. Click/Select Save
  4. Click/Select Voice
  5. Click/Select Save as File Type.. change to Wave *.wav
  6. Enter a Filename for the message in this format -- User ID-space-time(1-36am)-space-date (1-12-2013.wav or userid 1-36pm 1-12-2013.wav
  7. Click/Select Save
  • You may wish to specify a folder to save the message in.

You can now attach the Voice Mail Message as a file to an email or ticket.

Enabling Sound Card

By enabling the sound card option you can hear voicemails at the computer that you are using.

  1. Click/Select Tools
  2. Click/Select Use Soundcard

You will now be able to hear the messages over the computer's speakers.